👋 Hi, I’m Sarah

A little about me:

I’m currently Director of Engineering, Operate Solutions at Unity, leading a globally distributed team of engineers. We’re working on developing a set of analytical tooling to help developers and publishers of games to understand their players, with the aim to help them create a better all round gaming experience for gamers. 

I have previously worked as:

  • A Director of Engineering at Click Travel, a travel management company committed to improving the business travel experience, remotely from Edinburgh. 
  • A Senior Engineering Manager at Skyscanner, a travel search engine, from Edinburgh. There, I grew a multi-disciplined and distributed team with engineering, internationalisation, localisation and translation expertise. 
  • A software engineer working my way up from intern to principal. I started doing an internship at Yahoo! London, then headed to Scotland to work at a digital agency for a few years,  before moving to a unknown startup (named Skyscanner) in 2011, where I ‘levelled up’ every couple of years. I’ve always considered myself a generalist, but my main programming experience is in C# and Javascript. 

I care deeply about people and tech. I enjoy setting people up for success by aligning their intrinsic motivations with personal growth, the business goals and technical strategy direction. 

Outside of work, you’ll generally find me on poolside. Since Summer 2016, I have volunteered as a Synchronised Swimming Coach for Edinburgh Synchronised Swimming Club. This involves teaching and improving figure skills, choreographing & perfecting routines, creating tailored development plans for individuals and teams. To further support the Club, I qualified as a FINA Level 1 Judge and FINA Level 1 Coach.

The club was delighted to be shortlisted for Club of the Year by Scottish Swimming in 2018, and also participate in video filmed by Glasgow 2018 to promote of the synchronised swimming event at the European Championships. I was slightly terrified but mostly delighted to be able to promote the excellent swimmers I work with, and the club, in both of those videos! 

When I’m not spilling my coffee, you can find me on Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn.